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Dripping Springs is surrounded by several communities, including Austin, Bee Cave, Wimberley, Driftwood, Henly, Johnson City, Buda, Kyle, San Marcos, and Canyon Lake. If you live in these or anywhere else nearby, hire us for all of your fireplace and chimney needs!

Located in the Hill Country of central Texas, Dripping Springs is known for its scenic beauty, fun outdoor areas, and laid-back, small-town atmosphere. The city is surrounded by rolling hills, wildflower-filled meadows, and clear streams, creating a setting anyone can appreciate.

Whether you’re interested in outdoor adventures, local cuisine, or exploring the arts, Dripping Springs has a diverse range of activities to suit various interests. 

Ready for outdoor fun? Cool off at Hamilton Pool Preserve, explore a trail or two at Founders Memorial Park, attend a rodeo or other event at Dripping Springs Ranch Park>, or go rock climbing at Milton Reimers Ranch Park.

Love some spirits? Then, do a tour and tasting at Dripping Springs Distilling. Love exploring local shops and hunting for unique finds? You’ll definitely want to check out Historic Mercer Street.

Or, if you’d rather relax indoors, there’s a local company that can make your living room experience as enjoyable as possible – that’s us, here at Wolfman Chimney & Fireplace! If you live in the area, hire us for all of your chimney sweep services and needs. Call 830-620-9130 or book online with us today.

Handling All of Your Chimney Sweep, Fireplace Repair & Venting Services

There’s no universal solution for any chimney issue. Consider a leaky chimney for example… Various factors can cause your system to leak – from a missing chimney cap to damaged mortar joints to bent or broken flashing and more. That means, addressing and resolving chimney and fireplace issues requires a customized approach based on the specific circumstances.

Fortunately for folks in New Braunfels, San Antonio, and all areas surrounding, we’re happy to personalize our many services to your exact needs. Hire us for: 

We also offer dryer vent cleaning services.We have a comprehensive understanding of our trade and work to stay informed about any industry developments, news, and technological advancements. Our technicians are unparalleled in the chimney sweep business, equipped with the expertise to adapt to diverse challenges. This ensures that each customer receives the high quality care they deserve.

For personalized service delivered by courteous and professional sweeps, hire us to handle all your chimney needs. Call or schedule your appointment online now!

When Is the Right Time to Schedule Chimney Sweep Services?

Chimney cleanings (sweepings) are a must for any household with a fireplace in it, whether it’s run by gas, wood, or something else. Our recommendation is to schedule annual inspections and sweeps – and that goes across the board, no matter your heating system type, fuel choice, or fireplace usage frequency.

So, now you know how often to schedule maintenance, but what time of year is best for this maintenance? Well, fortunately down here in the San Antonio/Austin/New Braunfels area, weather-related issues aren’t as much of a concern as they would be up north. Because of this, scheduling any time of year is really fine if you’re due for maintenance.

…to save yourself the stress of scheduling when everyone is also trying to book with us, we suggest late spring/early summer maintenance.

That said, fireplace usage tends to go up for everyone in the fall and winter months, as things cool down a bit and the holiday season approaches. (What’s a better way to wait for Santa than in front of a cozy fire, right?) So, to save yourself the stress of scheduling when everyone is also trying to book with us, we suggest late spring/early summer maintenance.

Scheduling earlier in the year also gives us ample time to address any necessary repairs and get out any excessive buildup you might have. That way, come fall, you’ll be all set and ready to light that first fire – without any hiccups getting in your way.

Why Are Annual Chimney Inspections a Must?

During these annual overviews, our certified sweeps can assess whether a cleaning or sweeping is necessary and also identify any damages or missing/broken parts requiring attention. Ultimately, consistent services from a certified technician minimize the risks of buildup, fire hazards, gas leaks, and other potential threats, ensuring your system operates more efficiently – and more safely – year after year.

Ready to gain that peace of mind you deserve? Trust in us every step of the way. Call 830-620-9130 or request an appointment online now.

How Can I Determine When Chimney Repairs Are Required?

Looking to stay proactive about your chimney’s health, so you can promptly address issues and save money over time? First things first, don’t forget to book that annual inspection! While some problems are readily apparent, numerous chimney issues remain concealed within the flue walls, requiring the expertise of a trained eye.

That said, as a homeowner, there are things you can watch for and be vigilant about:

  • Loose or missing brickwork
  • Deteriorating or absent mortar joints
  • Discoloration in the brick or mortar
  • Excessive smoke during fireplace use
  • Smoke seeping through cracks or holes in the masonry
  • Unusual odors emanating from the fireplace
  • Moisture inside your home, particularly near the chimney
  • Evident gaps, holes, or fractures in the masonry

Should you observe any of these signs, it is crucial not to delay in seeking professional assistance. Refrain from using your fireplace and promptly contact one of our experienced technicians to look things over.

How Can I Avoid Chimney-Related Damage?

Now, looking for signs of damage is important, but wouldn’t it be better to avoid any issues in the first place? While this isn’t always possible (some things are just out of our control), there are things you can do to greatly reduce your risk of experiencing issues.

  • Use the right fuel. If you own a wood-burning system, properly seasoned firewood is the only thing that should be thrown into your firebox. No trash, no plastic, no treated wood, and definitely no Christmas trees!
  • Stay on top of maintenance. Yeah, we know we sound like a broken record, but investing in annual chimney inspections is one of the best things you can do to keep your fireplace running optimally and avoid big and expensive repair jobs down the line.
  • Do your research. Fireplaces can all function differently based on their fuel type, model type, efficiency levels, EPA rating, and more. So, do your research! Make sure you know how to best run your specific appliance, so that you can get the most from it and avoid damage.
  • Upgrade when needed. If your system is outdated, old, and past the prime of its life, sometimes your best option is to upgrade. It costs more upfront, but you’ll gain better heating and you’ll require fewer repairs in the years to come – both things that are good on the bank account.
  • Reach out with questions. Have some questions coming up regarding how to use your fireplace properly? Reach out! We would love to offer our guidance and input. Your safety and satisfaction will always be our main priority.

Why Hire the Wolfman Chimney & Fireplace Team?

So, why are we the go-to crew for so many in the San Antonio, Austin, and New Braunfels area?

  • We’re professional, friendly, and value honesty and transparency.
  • Customers consistently describe us as courteous and reliable.
  • We can find creative and effective solutions for even the most complex issues.
  • We value training and quality control, ensuring you always get the best service.
  • We have high standards for our crew and invest in industry certifications.
  • We’re committed to excellence in every job we tackle.

Long story short… If you want to feel good about using your fireplace and have peace of mind that everything is functioning as safely and as efficiently as possible, we’re the team you want to hire. Call or book online now.

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