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If you need a new chimney installation in your New Braunfels area home or your current chimney rebuilt, it can feel like a daunting and overwhelming task. Aren’t these jobs bound to take up a lot of time, money, and mental stress? Well – if you ask us, it’s all about who you hire.

By trusting our team of new chimney installation techs in New Braunfels for the job, rest assured, we’ll do everything we can to keep the process as smooth and streamlined as possible. Just let us know your unique needs and concerns, then we’ll come up with the best plan for moving forward. Once we’ve developed the best course of action, all that’s left to do is leave the hard work to our experts!

For folks in San Antonio, Kyle, Austin, Schertz, Spring Branch, Helotes, and New Braunfels, we’re the new chimney installation service team to trust for chimney rebuilds as well as chimney repairs and regular maintenance. Make us your go-to crew for it all.

Does My Chimney Need to Be Rebuilt?

So… There are any number of reasons why a chimney might need to be rebuilt. How can you know whether your damage might be past the point of repair? Here are some good signs to watch for:

  • Leaning or tilting: If your chimney is visibly leaning or tilting, this is a clear sign that some major structural issues are occurring. This isn’t something to hold off on. Call an expert right away to ensure dangerous issues (like a collapse) don’t end up happening and putting your household at risk.
  • Big gaps or cracks: Most minor masonry issues can be resolved with some expert knowledge and the right products, but if your cracking or deterioration seem to have gotten out of hand, the best course of action may be an entire rebuild. Call our expert out, so we can take a look and assess the situation.
  • Missing brickwork: Some missing bricks here or there are definitely a cause for concern, but usually fixable. If a substantial number of bricks have fallen out of your chimney, though, have our technicians check things over – a rebuild may be the best route.
  • Smoking chimney: Are smoke or fumes pouring out of the sides of your masonry chimney at alarming rates? Chances are, you have numerous parts of your chimney breaking down, and it may be best to tear things down and start from scratch in order to get things working efficiently again.
  • Crumbling mortar joints: If parts of your mortar are missing, flaking, or seem to be falling out, tuckpointing can usually be done to restore your system to its proper state. But if the damage is too exhaustive, a rebuild may be the better route.

If you notice any of these issues – or have any other concerns that you think might indicate your home in the New Braunfels area needs a chimney rebuild or some repairs – don’t hesitate to give us a call. Using a chimney with damages could put your home and family at serious risk, so having one of our experts assess the situation right away is important, keeping your household safer.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Chimney Damage?

There are a few big things that are known for causing damage bad enough to trigger a full chimney rebuild or restoration for your New Braunfels area home. Most of the time, major chimney damages are caused by one of the following:

  • Natural Disasters: If you’ve recently experienced an earthquake, tornado, flood, or other big natural weather disaster, your chimney will, at the very least, require a thorough level 2 chimney inspection. And we wouldn’t be surprised if that inspection warranted the need for a rebuild.
  • Chimney Fires: Sometimes damages from chimney fires can be repaired, but if things got too bad, a rebuild might be the better option. Always remember to get those sweepings on the books to avoid harmful creosote buildup (the leading cause for chimney fires).
  • Neglect: Years of neglect and unresolved damages can take a toll on a chimney. That’s why investing in inspections and regular maintenance is so important in maintaining the health of your chimney.
  • Water Damage: Water is one of the worst things your chimney can interact with, which is why investing in preventive maintenance and swift repair work is important. If leak repairs, waterproofing, and the like have been put off or avoided, a rebuild may eventually be required.
  • Improper Construction: Unfortunately, some systems simply weren’t built right from the beginning. If yours was constructed by someone inexperienced or improperly trained, you might be better off having it torn down and rebuilt.
  • Old Age: Chimneys can last a lifetime, but they aren’t able to last forever. It could be that your chimney is simply too old and needs to be torn down, then built back up again.

What’s important is getting to the root cause of the issue, so you can ensure avoidable issues are prevented from recurring again down the line. Things like creosote buildup, neglect, water damage, and improper construction are all issues that can be avoided by trusting the right team and by putting in the time and maintenance necessary for keeping your system standing strong for the long haul.

How Can I Protect My Chimney Down the Line?

Have you already had your chimney rebuilt and are wondering now how you can avoid big damages from occurring again in the future? Well, not all damages can always be avoided (like ones caused by a natural disaster), but there are things you can do to greatly minimize your risk of needing a rebuild again later on.

  • Invest in annual maintenance. Booking an inspection every single year and cleanings whenever they are needed are two easy (and affordable) steps that can work wonders in preventing bigger issues from popping up later on. Be sure to trust an educated and certified tech for the job, though.
  • Invest in preventive measures. Waterproofing, investing in a solid chimney liner, having a chimney cap properly fitted, and more are all forms of preventive maintenance that ensure the system stays less susceptible to leaks and other types of damage.
  • Invest in swift repairs. Chimney repairs only continue to worsen as they’re left unaddressed – meaning that the longer you wait, the more time-consuming and expensive any problem areas will be to address.
  • Use your system properly. Things like burning only seasoned wood, keeping any eye for damages, and not throwing trash or other harmful products into your fireplace are all important for keeping it in tip-top shape.

How Much Does a Chimney Rebuild Cost?

The cost of a rebuild can vary by thousands of dollars depending on how extensive your damage is. Because of this, giving an accurate assessment, without knowing the current state of the specific system, can be challenging.

A few things that can affect the cost of the rebuild include:

  • the extent of the damage
  • the size and height of the chimney
  • the materials needed for the rebuild
  • whether it’s a masonry or prefab rebuild

For instance, a smaller chimney that hasn’t experienced an excessive amount of damage won’t likely cost as much as a tall and wide chimney that is completely destroyed.

Here’s our recommended course of action. Give us a call, so that we can get a better idea of what we’re working with. Then, book an inspection, so we can thoroughly look things over and make a plan for moving forward. We’ll then be able to give you a more accurate assessment of what to expect as far as an estimate.

For those in Boerne, New Braunfels, Seguin, Canyon Lake, San Marcos, and more, we’d be happy to do all we can to work with your unique needs, budget, and preferences. Trust our techs with it all.

How Long Do Chimney Rebuilds Take?

The duration of your chimney rebuild will, like the cost, depend on a number of factors, like the size of your system, how bad the initial damage was, and what materials the sweeps will need to get the job done.

As with receiving an estimate, we won’t know approximately how long the job might take until we’ve done an assessment of your current setup. While some rebuilds can be completed in a number of days, some might take multiple weeks – it just depends on your unique situation.

Give us a call to book an inspection, so we can see where you stand.

What Is Involved in a Chimney Rebuild?

A chimney rebuild can involve:

  • performing a thorough inspection
  • removal of damaged or deteriorated bricks
  • replacing of the mortar joints (tuckpointing)
  • rebuilding the chimney using new bricks and mortar
  • a complete rebuild from the foundation up
  • checking necessary permits and building codes
  • …and more

Whatever you need, a professional and certified tech will be able to perform an evaluation, then figure out what exact steps you need to get your chimney looking and functioning great for the burning season ahead – and for many more to come too.

Can I Complete a Chimney Rebuild Myself?

Chimney rebuilds are complex, labor-intensive, and require a high level of skill, education, and experience. So, no – this is never a job that should be done by someone who isn’t certified in the chimney industry and who doesn’t have an extensive knowledge on how a chimney system functions and operates.

Along with this, chimney rebuilds require working on the roof of your home and involve a number of safety risks that need to be taken into consideration as the process is complete. Experts know how to work in these settings and they have the proper equipment to better avoid the risk of falls or injuries.

Attempting a chimney rebuild yourself can result in costly mistakes, safety hazards, and the risk of building codes not being met. It is always best to hire a licensed and experienced professional to handle this type of project.

Even the most avid and experienced do-it-yourselfer shouldn’t attempt a chimney rebuild. You need appropriate tools, knowledge, and experience to ensure no one gets hurt, nothing is done incorrectly, and that the chimney isn’t left more vulnerable after all is said and done.

On that same note, be sure to hire a team of chimney sweeps that really know their stuff. Techs that aren’t experienced with this type of work or who haven’t undergone appropriate training may wind up cutting corners or making big mistakes – and that would just do more harm than good.

It’s always better to trust a team to do the job right from the very beginning… rather than attempt to save some money on cheaper labor, only to need expensive repairs completed later because the techs didn’t know what they were doing.

Interested in a Fireplace Replacement?

Sometimes a new fireplace or chimney isn’t necessarily needed, but it doesn’t mean you don’t want to change your current system’s look or aesthetic. Whatever upgrades or updates you’re looking to invest in, trust our New Braunfels new chimney installation crew to get the job done right. We’d be happy to take your entire vision into account, ensuring you have everything you need to use your fireplace with ease and comfort.

We can also offer repair services and replace any necessary parts, like chimney caps or chase covers, if needed.

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If you have questions or concerns about your chimney, we’d love to hear from you. We can get you the answers you need, set you up with a plan for repairs, needed replacement parts, or new chimney installation service in the New Braunfels area. Then we can provide any required maintenance down the line to ensure your system stays in tip-top shape year after year.

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