Let’s face it – when it comes to most home maintenance tasks, it’s entirely too easy to put them off until there’s a serious issue. One of the most common home maintenance tasks that you can handle ahead of time is getting an early bird chimney cleaning during the summer. But why should you get your chimney cleaned over the summer instead of in the fall? There are many reasons you may want to consider seasonal chimney cleaning, repairs or maintenance for your New Braunfels home.

original infographic stating ways to keep your fireplace practices safer

Get an Early Bird Chimney Cleaning Now to Avoid the Fall Rush!

Fall is always a busy time around Wolfman Chimney, with constant calls for repairs, cleaning, inspections, and other services. This can make it very difficult to get the service you need at the time you want from the service you’d prefer. Scheduling can be a bit crazy, and we’re often booked weeks in advance as everyone tries to get their chimney-related tasks handled before the cool fall weather.

However, that’s not the only reason you should get your chimney cleaned early. When you have your chimney cleaned in the summer, you’re catching us at the slowest point of the year, when we can really take time to chat with you about the different things that may be going on with your chimney, the fireplace project you’re thinking about, or the safety concern you may have. By scheduling us during our slow time, we’ve got more time to give you our complete attention without worrying about the next project on the schedule.

Finally, having your chimney cleaned now means that it’s ready when you need it. If bad weather blows in from the Gulf and knocks the power out, you can immediately put your fireplace to use to cook food for your family. Unseasonably cold weather? You’re ready to go. Whatever crisis arrives, you’ve got a chimney that is clean and ready to help you get through it.

When you take advantage of having an early bird chimney cleaning performed, you can rest assured that your fireplace and chimney will be ready when you need it, without having to worry about what condition it’s in. If you need to schedule seasonal chimney cleaning, repairs or maintenance for your New Braunfels home this summer, the experienced chimney professionals at Wolfman Chimney & Fireplace are ready to help, just call us today to get started!

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