When you have concerns about your chimney or know that it needs repairs, it’s easy to simply say that you’ll put it off until you need it in the fall. However, that can be the worst time of year to try to get your chimney repaired. Here’s a quick look at the reasons why you should get seasonal chimney repairs and maintenance for your New Braunfels home in the summer instead of waiting for cooler weather.

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Why Chimney Repair Needs to Happen Now, Instead of In the Fall

The first reason why you should have your chimney repair completed now is that fall tends to be a very busy time for chimney service companies. Like the thought in the introduction, almost everyone plans for chimney care in the fall, including cleanings, inspections, and other services. This can make it exceedingly difficult to work with a quality chimney repair specialist due to their busy schedule.

You should also consider the possibility of further damage occurring if you leave your chimney as it is in the meantime. More moisture can seep in, more mortar can be damaged, and other issues can take place that can make the repair more expensive if you wait instead of handling the issue now. Why not save yourself the extra time, money, and effort by handling the repair now?

Finally, if the repair involves a part for your fireplace or a related system, you could find yourself in a difficult situation finding parts that are needed. Though the situation has improved regarding parts being shipped from overseas, there can still be some delays. Also, if you have an older fireplace or accessory that doesn’t have parts readily available, you may have to have the part manufactured specifically, which can take time.

By handling seasonal chimney repairs and maintenance for your New Braunfels home in the summer, you can ensure that your fireplace and chimney system is ready to go to work during the first cool days of fall. If you need help getting your chimney repairs completed, the chimney professionals at Wolfman are ready to help. Contact us today and see what we can do for you!

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