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We’re happy to help homeowners with chimney and fireplace services in Boerne, Walnut Grove, Kreutzberg, Van Raub, Fair Oaks Ranch, Scenic Oaks, Nelson City, Ammans Crossing, Silver Hills, Welfare, Bergheim, New Braunfels, Seguin, Kyle, and surrounding areas.

Do you need a chimney and fireplace inspection or repairs for your Boerne home? Our repair services are exhaustive, meaning no matter what you need – be it replacement parts, masonry tuckpointing, brick replacements, relining services, or something else – we’re here to help.

Why Are Prompt Chimney Repairs Important?

If you’ve recently learned that you need chimney repairs for your Boerne home, you might be wondering if you can put them off until a more convenient time. Here’s the thing… chimney repairs really aren’t something that should be put on the back burner.

Why? Because this can lead to further damage, more expenses, less efficiency, and a heightened risk of home hazards, such as house fires, chimney fires, and carbon monoxide leaks.

Here’s an example. If your chimney cap is damaged, replacing it with a new one is a fairly quick and affordable fix. But if you wait to replace it, you’ll likely experience water damages, masonry decay, home damage, and maybe even animal invasions – all of which are a lot more costly and time-consuming to address than a simple cap replacement.

The same goes for masonry damage. Tuckpointing services to stop deterioration are a lot more affordable than an entire chimney rebuild. Long story short – the sooner you can invest in repairs, the better off you’ll be.

We Offer Many Quality Services

Ready to learn more about all we offer? We serve homeowners on Plant Avenue, Esser Road, Johns Road, Old San Antonio Road, James Street, Theissen Street, Ebner Street, Ivy Lane, Becker Street, Regent Boulevard, Live Oak Street, Market Avenue, and more, and we’ll help you out with all things chimney and fireplace.

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The residents of neighboring New Braunfels are always reassured when they see our trucks in their portion of our service area…they know we’re helping keep fireplace systems safer to use, year after year.