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Chimney cleanings or sweepings are essential for promoting two big things within your system – safety and efficiency.

If your chimney isn’t regularly swept free of creosote, debris, nesting materials, twigs, leaves, and anything else that may have worked its way in, it won’t be able to vent, which means you’ll have trouble starting and maintaining fires. Along with this, you’ll be more prone to have smoke and other fumes funnel back into your living space.

In addition, creosote is a huge fire hazard, and the more you have of it, the higher your risk of experiencing a chimney fire will be. Chimney fires are extremely harmful to your chimney, and increase the likelihood of flames, gases, and smoke escaping into your home. What’s possibly most concerning, though, is their quiet nature – most homeowners won’t even know that one has occurred.

The best way to avoid these risks and potential future damage is to get those sweepings scheduled regularly.

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